OPITO – Blaster – Sprayer Competence Standard (Level 2) – (9125)

What are the entry requirements?

  • A valid OPITO-approved Blaster/Sprayer Training Level 1 Certificate


  • A fully completed and valid logbook, based on the OPITO Blaster/Sprayer Training Level 1 (WE) Workplace Experience requirements


  • A *formal letter from the learner’s current or previous employer stating that the learner has been employed as a Blaster-Sprayer within the last two years, AND **documented evidence of having been
    employed as a Blaster-Sprayer over the last two years.

The formal letter and documented evidence must be authenticated by the assessment centre prior to confirming the booking.

*The formal letter must include details of the employer or employer representative’s position in the company, full contact details, and be signed and dated by the employer or employer representative
**documented evidence – As a minimum requirement: the learner’s CV

Medical entry requirements

Training activities contained within this Product may include physically demanding and potentially stressful elements. All personnel who participate in such activities must be capable of participating fully.

OPITO approved Centres are therefore required, as a minimum, to ensure that prior to participating in practical exercises the learner provides written confirmation that they deem themselves capable of undertaking all aspects of the training.

How is this Product assessed?

Learners will be assessed against the outcomes specified in accordance with the assessment guidance detailed in each unit.

Example Blaster-Sprayer (Level 2) Assessor Checklists in supporting documents.

What is the validity of this Product?

4 years

Please note: If the expiry date on the learners previous certificate is within 3 months prior of the course enrolment date then the date of the new certificate should correspond with the expiry date of the
existing/previous certificate unless stated otherwise by the Duty Holder or Asset Owner or Operator.

OPITO Blaster – Sprayer Competence Standard (Level 2)

Product Code: 9125 Product type: OPITO Standard

Who is the Product for?

This Product is for personnel that wish to become OPITO-certified competent Blaster-Sprayers, having already completed their OPITO Initial Training and / or already have sufficient workplace experience in industrial blasting and painting activities.

What does this Product cover?

This Product ensures that before newly trained learners undertake unsupervised Blaster-Sprayer activities in the workplace, the performance skills and underpinning knowledge and understanding of the learners are assessed by a qualified assessor against (and meet) the competence requirements specified in this Product. Also, experienced Blaster-Sprayers can gain industry-approved OPITO competence certification by successfully completing this Competence Assessment Programme.

How can you successfully achieve this Product?

To achieve the OPITO Blaster-Sprayer Competence (Level 2) the learner will need to complete the 6 mandatory units. This includes a completed logbook or Formal Competence Letter.

What could this Product lead to?


Product Structure

To achieve the OPITO Blaster-Sprayer Competence (Level 2) the learner will need to complete the 6 mandatory units. This includes a completed logbook or Formal Competence Letter. Unit Code     Unit Title OIS-134   –   Contribute to effective work activities OIS-135   –   Contribute to health, safety and environmental quality OIS-136   –   Operate compressor equipment OIS-137   –   Prepare surfaces OIS-138   –   Apply Coatings OIS-139   –   OPITO Blaster / Sprayer Training Level 1 Logbook OR Formal Competence Letter

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