OPITO – Blaster / Sprayer Training Standard (Level 1) – (9015)

What are the entry requirements?





Medical entry requirements

Training activities contained within this Product may include physically demanding and potentially stressful elements. All personnel who participate in such activities must be capable of participating fully.

OPITO approved Centres are therefore required, as a minimum, to ensure that prior to participating in practical exercises the learner provides written confirmation that they deem themselves capable of undertaking all aspects of the training.


How is this Product assessed?

Learners will be assessed against the outcomes specified in accordance with the assessment guidance detailed in each unit.

Example Blaster / Sprayer Training (Level 1) Training Record in supporting documents.


What is the validity of this Product?

Given the introductory nature of this training, on-the-job experience will provide the majority of skills improvement once the initial course has been taken. There will be no expiry date for the Blaster / Sprayer

Blaster / Sprayer Training Standard (Level 1)


Product Code: 9015

Product type: OPITO Standard


Who is the Product for?


This Product is for personnel who want to work as an industrial blaster / sprayer.

Newcomers to the trade will be required to take the full course at an OPITO approved training establishment.

On-the-job training and assessments will continue with project placement.

This Product could also serve as a useful refresher course for experienced blaster / sprayers who want to test their knowledge and skill before being assessed against the OPITO Blaster / Sprayer Competence


What does this Product cover?


This Product provides a basic level of knowledge for working as an industrial blaster / sprayer.


How can you successfully achieve this Product?


To achieve the Blaster/Sprayer Training (Level 1) the learner will need to complete the 6 mandatory units.


What could this Product lead to?


Blaster-Sprayer Competence – Initial Assessment


Product Structure


To achieve the Blaster/Sprayer Training (Level 1) the learner will need to complete the 6 mandatory units.


Unit Code     Unit Title

OIS-128   –   Introduction to Industrial Blasting & Painting
OIS-129   –   Working Safely
OIS-130   –   Compressor Awareness
OIS-131   –   Surface Preparation & Blasting
OIS-132   –   Painting & Coating
OIS-133   –   Quality Control & the Supervisors Role

Associated Courses