OPITO Assessor Vocational Qualification (Blended Learning) – (9055)


What are the entry requirements?

There are no specific entry requirements however, the learner must have access to a minimum of two candidates within their workplace to assess.

How is this Product assessed?

OPITO Assessment Strategy

Staff must be in adherence with the requirements of the OPITO Assessment Strategy.

Detailed assessment guidance is also provided for each unit.

What are the Guided Learning Hours?

120 Hours

What is the validity of this Product?

There is no formal expiry.

What is a ‘Blended Course’

The OPITO Assessor Vocational Qualification (Blended Learning) course is designed to provide learners the opportunity to undertake the OPITO Assessor Vocational Qualification course without the need to travel / attend a physical class or physical course delivery.  The course can be completed at a time / place that is suitable to you.

The theory element of the course is delivered using e-learning (Course Slides / Videos), and there is also regular short assessment throughout, in line with the classroom based training delivery.

The practical elements of the course will be completed following completion of the e-learning component, by attending ‘online workshop’ – these workshops will be conducted on a scheduled basis.

SAFER Training are here to help and assist you throughout the course.

If you require to register more than 1 delegate, please email to info@safer-training.com and we will provide you assistance.

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OPITO Assessor Vocational Qualification


Product Code: Q000432

Product type: OPITO Qualification


Who is the Product for ?


This Product is for individuals who have been appointed or are to be appointed to the Assessor role.


What does this Product cover?


The qualification consists of the two mandatory units below, which must be successfully completed:

  • OGOS – SQ01 OPITO Assessor
  • OGOS – SQ02 OPITO Assessor Workplace Evidence

How can you successfully achieve this Product?


The qualification consists of two mandatory units, which must be successfully completed


What could this Product lead to?


Successful completion of this product could lead to more employment opportunities and career prospects.


Product Structure

The qualification consists of two mandatory units, which must be successfully completed

Unit Code     Unit Title

OGOS-SQ01   –   OPITO Assessor
OGOS-SQ02   –   OPITO Workplace Evidence

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