SAFER Training / Virtual Marine and RelyOn Nutec (Middle East) form alliance in Qatar

Andy Reid SAFER Training Centre Manager and Gary Ross RelyOn Nutec (Middle East) Centre Manager, meet at SAFER Training in Aberdeen, cementing a long-term working relationship. We are looking forward to reigniting our relationships in Qatar as soon as the restrictions are lifted and safe to travel.

SAFER Training and partners Virtual Marine have signed a multi-year agreement to deliver specialist Offshore Lifeboat Coxswains training in Qatar using our innovative and realistic simulation technology.
RelyOn Nutec, a global safety, training, and competency organisation, and SAFER Training/VMT, a specialist service company catering to the needs of subsea operators, marine contractors, and oil & gas operators, have signed an agreement which will improve the range and availability of internationally accredited lifeboat coxswains training services in Qatar.

This safe and cost-effective training solution aims to enhance competence and confidence by providing hands-on, realistic, risk-free Offshore Lifeboat Coxswains training. The ability to rehearse challenging manoeuvres in a safe environment and track progress through simulation technology is proven to significantly boost the confidence and competence of offshore lifeboat coxswains and seafarers.

Ian McMillin, Managing Director SAFER Training, said “After a challenging period for everybody, this is a significant agreement. It’s great to be providing our services in Qatar again and we are delighted that RelyOn Nutec chose SAFER as its preferred partner for the provision of Offshore Lifeboat Coxswains training. Our two companies have a mutual appreciation for the importance of industry-led competency and skills development through effective training and assessment that is fit for purpose”.

Andy MacDonald, Managing Director RelyOn Nutec Middle East, said “we’re delighted to be partnering with SAFER Training/VMT in a move which will allow us to bring our clients safety solutions using the latest simulator technologies in Qatar. This move will have a positive impact on the region and will raise competency levels within the workforce while improving safety and increasing productivity throughout the industry.”

The agreement comes following a collaborative approach from both companies to deliver safe, cost- effective safety training solutions in the Qatar region. As a result of the partnership, offshore lifeboat coxswains and seafarers will benefit from decades of combined training experience and the latest in simulation technology. Using advanced simulation, trainees can safely demonstrate their knowledge and skills in response to the challenging conditions of low-visibility, bad weather, breakdown and/or night-time launches, which wouldn’t be practicable during conventional training on an actual lifeboat in calm waters.
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